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October 11 2020

Native American Art Once Again Stands Out at Frieze Masters

Frieze Magazine

Once again, Frieze has selected the ten best works to collect for under £10,000 from Frieze Masters 2020. Two out of ten are exhibited by Donald Ellis Gallery. The nomination testifies to the recognition of the remarkable artistic legacy of Indigenous peoples. 

One of the highlights is a double-sided Ledger Drawing by an unidentified Apsáalooke artist from ca. 1890-1910. One side captures a procession of four Native American warriors dressed in fine ceremonial clothing, while the verso depicts a figure waving what appears to be a version of the flag of the United States. Both scenes are likely drawn from real events held in conjunction with Fourth of July celebrations.

The second work is a painted parfleche made by an anonymous Kutenai artist around 1880. Made from rawhide, it exhibits abstract geometric designs typical of the Kutenai, who inhabited the Western Plateau of the United States and Canada. The manufacture and painting of parfleche was an artistic privilege of Plains women.

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Native American Art Once Again Stands Out at Frieze Masters