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Draw string pouch with an abstracted bird-like figure made up of beads and porcupine quills | Donald Ellis Gallery

Draw String Pouch

Eastern Woodlands

late 17th/early 18th century

vegetal dyes, sinew, porcupine quills, glass beads

Inventory # CW4314-144


acquired by the National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, ON


Jean Pierre Ganster, Strasbourg, France
Donald Ellis Gallery, Dundas, ON
Private collection, Toronto, ON


Donald Ellis Gallery catalogue, 1999, pg. 17


National Museum of Man, III-G-824 - See: "Bo'jou, Neejee!", Brasser, National Museum of Man, 1976, pl. 32

National Museum of Ireland, Dublin, NMI 1902.324 - See: Patterns of Power, Phillips, The McMichael Canadian Collection, 1985, pl. 15

Musee de L'Homme, Paris, France,No. 78.32.128 - See: The Spirit Sings, (the catalogue), Glenbow Museum, 1987, pl.W 89, 90, 91

This extremely early and important drawstring tobacco pouch exhibiting a woven quill netted panel is one of perhaps as few as nine extant from this period, most having emerged from 18th century French collections (see Brasser, 1987). The modified Thunderbird image is typical among these examples. This pouch is one of only two known in North America, the other being in The Canadian Museum of Civilisation.

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